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BRH Mantrailer Exam...

...MT Country/Forest, MT City and MT Negative!

The fact we pulled forward the country test wasn't actually our concept, but just a matter of BRH scheduling. So we faced this examination rather calm and relaxed, yet not rash. Indeed the MTL Country/Forest appeared the higher degree of difficulty to us as in our district there aren't enough field/forest training areas at our disposal. That's why the biggest part of mantrailing work is located in city/settlement areas.

May 18th Country Trial (Black Forest),
August 17th City Trial (Rheda-Wiedenbrück) and on
October 25th MT Negative (Halle, Westfalia)
- with these 3 exams passed sucessfully we received the operational capability as mantrailer team.

This great result enabled us to continue rescue work - the same year we had to take mother Bryana off the active service- with daughter Amina's availability.

Super job, Amy, that's a great success in 2014, congratulaions!

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