…a very special search for traces

For dogs nosework is definitely part of every day life- and so elementary! These days the common family dog may be unchallenged in this aspect; trailing or tracking can be a remedy! As mantrailing isn’t just a hobby, but can be really useful, we decided to try a seminar with our youngster Amy. There’s a clear difference compared to other kinds of nosework: you’re not looking for any (human) scent in general, but for just the  individual one  of a certain person.

Also an experiment to see how close eventual limits and  original drive are still dozing in your dog…?

Little brother Athos as well as kid sister Amy surprised us positively: they were amazing! Two days of instruction  and intensive training units (with Ursula & Marcel) lay the basis in a balanced mixture of theory and clinic…and all that supported by beaming weather gods in the green area of the“Oberbergischem”.

Where as skepticism outweighed in the beginning because of the early start of both our dogs- only 6 months old- and we didn’t want to overcharge the young dogs with too many disciplines, we soon realized that this apprehension was wrong. To the contrary, the kick they immediately got out of this new occupation convinced us that it seems a real suitable one for both of them.

1st stage was theory of course, followed by easy beginner trails and  leash handling – a very important and effective instruction- for all involved. Then out to the woods in small groups to realize and try out the just learned elements and get a fundament related to runner and scent object…step by step…literally!

mantrailing mantrailing mantrailing mantrailing


Starting with visual motivation at distance the specific use of “nose” could be observed during the last trail of the 1st day already…and its successful outcome!The 2nd day deepened the fresh experiences and helped eliminate certain insecurities of the previous day. The basis hardened at the end of the 2nd day; what is still missing is the switch to obviousness and the elimination of little failings/flaw and lack of routine- in the early phase rather the handler’s deficiency!