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As we didn’t find any bouvier  des flandres in our area  or neighbour countries which roughly approximated our ideas –set by ancestress Anna- we finally headed for Switzerland where we fell  in love with Gwendy who we had the chance to meet before in a training week in the Black Forest. Character and willingness to learn, grace and beauty, even her way of walking, everything was right! It must be HER! And immediately we found ourselves on “Samildanach’s” kennel  waiting list for the next litter.

Bryana (celtic, meaning “strong one”) has lived up to her name: Being the only girl she used to keep her puppy brothers covered , overflowing with energy and high spirits! From the beginning she was brought up with raw food by her breeder Silvia Dierauer. Naturally fed dogs use to grow more regularly, not so fast, having less joint problems as youngsters.

Her mobility has been stimulated by using different underground structures, even movable ones like ball bath, shaking board or seesaw.  Sense of balance and body control are thus enforced enormously; both influencing the brain development of young dogs by the way (mobility research). In contrast to many fellow dogs Bryana doesn’t fear losing/swaying  ground; she even climbs pontoons and floating surf boards with pride!

At the age of two she hasn’t had any negative experiences with other dogs: being a self-confident, balanced personality she has addressed every dog -no matter what size- in a friendly but assertive  way enlarging her connections daily. Bitchy ones she ignores, they just miss a great occasion to play wildly! Hard luck…

In retrospect however we ask ourselves if our Swiss import isn’t rather a seadog or a waterrat, genetically speaking…No lake, sea  or river is secure from her invasion, in summer they all have to serve as a bathtub for lady Bryana in which she joyfully throws herself for and aft,  cooling her belly.

After successful puppy and youngster training courses she  started her companion dog (Begleithund) and Obedience education. In tracking she also showed lots of interest and ambition, but there’s nothing like waterwork for this dog! Joy of learning, desire for exercise, and working drive, protection and saving instinct, all this she can act out and develop in this terrific sport…and at the same time  make master happy in competition swimming…or rather frustrate him…?

During this winter season she has also been starting a course as water detection dog.