What does a waterwork dog do in the winter season? Keeping fit... PDF Print E-mail

...in many ways


To be precise, we try to reach this goal by WALKING/ GROUND TRAINING/ WINTER SWIMMING
We don't have to talk much about walking; each and every free minute is used to explore the surrounding area with Bryana. First thing in the morning, early afternoon/evening (big fun as that's usually a real BIG tour!) and a last one at night (for sweet dreams!) we usually run for an hour. That's not much for this race, but apart from this she visits dog training courses in agility and obedience as well three times a week if possible.
As in former times the bouvier used to pull carts for the farmers in lack of horses, it nowadays isn't a daily duty, but a species-appropriate and especially funny and exciting challenge you may practise all year.
On Sundays we're mostly found at our winter swimming location at "Gangwerk" in Düsseldorf, a physiotherapeutical swimmimg pool for dogs. Here we actually don't do all our summer skills programme - keeping fit is the main reason- , but the dogs can continue playing in appropriate water temperature (28 degrees), so they won't miss the wet element in winter. We can reinforce patterns and small exercise units we learned in summer, so both, dog and handler, have positive shares in results. But no way these  indoor activities can't be compared to all that beach-roaming/running/struggling fun and the exciting water work at our lake, but it's at least more than just replacement!
Nevertheless the whole group is looking forward to a hopefully early spring and the first swimming units in the cool wet element and neopren suits, under bright blue skies, warm sunrays, surrounded by brilliant daisies in fresh lawn near the water...