BRH mantrailer exam... PDF Print E-mail

...1st hurdle overcome!

After 2 years training as member in a canine rescue squad of the BRH (RHS Wesel) we let ourselves in for the first of four BRH examinations that have to be taken to achieve operational capability as a mantrailer team. It has been our first trial of this type of work and no other test run can be compared to it! Therefore March 24th 2013 has become a defining date for us. The venue in the Taunus area appeared only partly snow covered that day, but made us freeze with temperatures down to minus 6° C and extremely strong gusty east winds.

To be completely on her own, especially at these weather conditions, Amy showed how eagerly she mastered this exam all by herself. The most difficult part seemed to be the designation: Not because of the duration of the trail (ca. 1 hour), but the mere fact that in usual training units the hidden person doesn't sit there for more than an hour wrapped up in blankets as shelter from the cold, but is returning at an appropriate time. Thus an enormous "scent pool" developped at the place of finding, circulating with heavy winds in that undulating Taunus area and producing lots of turbulences!

Just this hitch seemed to enforce Amy's working drive and determination to succeed: Neither walls of wild bramble bushes in the undergrowth (a pair of scissors from the obligatory 1st aid set had to help), nor "master's" slightly increasing cluelessness (how could I free myself from this jungle?) could irritate her and finally keep her -always getting the right scent, and even without stumbling "master" in the final metres- from finding the missing person.

Well done, AMY outstanding performance!

We can build on that now!