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For quite a while we’ve been practicing  mantrailing, originally led by efficient  seminars/clinics with Uschi  and Marcel Maierhofer. Ongoing –or rather simultaneously- we founded this trailer group to continue regular training work. Later –after profound reflections on the matter- I started  as mantrailer in a BRH rescue squad where a certain performance level  is acquired not only in further continuous training units, but mainly gained in supporting theory seminars and clinics, as well as in casual refresher courses of other instructors/ organisations.

Training Training Training Training Training

In this small private group we train around Essen/Mettmann with our dogs:  Amina, Anouk, Jola, Athos, Bryana, Arco, Ben und Skinny.

If you’re seriously interested we’d like to welcome “immigrants”, there might even be additional groups. At the moment we’re trying to install a Monday group, eventually Tuesday (afternoon/evening), looking forward to some 2- and 4-paws reinforcement!