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...Anna, Nora, Bryana and Amina

In this place we want you to share our experiences with our animal companions. It takes some time, willingness to learn, and patience to enforce the versatility of this race in every-day-life and to live up to all its needs and abilities. Primarily our dogs used to be steady companions and recreational sports comrades . In old age it used to be a close reliable friend who left us: a friend who -according to a high treshold- had been stable and well-tempered with even unpredictable children, but an absolutely strong and vigorous protector when needed! Eventually we mustn't forget the bouvier's origin as a hard working dog in Flanders, kept by farmers for many purposes: as a guard and protection dog for farm, house and herds, as a cart dog to the market place, but also as a courier, support and rescue dog in worldwars I and II. That nearly extinguished the race completely. Today increased efforts are made to re-breed the original type of bouvier des flandres particularly with regard to his working drive and not to let him "fade away" as a mere show dog. Fortunately there appear so many additional  positive tasks and possibilities in modern dogs sports like obedience, tracking, waterwork etc. The notably strong character of a bouvier combined with high intelligence and sovereignity (his genetic heritage) doesn't make education easy; it takes a lot of convenient motivation and conviction power to handle this. Education with constant loving care, but without compromise, species-appropriate husbanding and feeding will make this dog a long-life, absolutely faithful family dog with high protection drive for children.

"I have great respect of my dog's knowledge of human nature. It is much faster and more rigorous than mine!"
(Otto von Bismarck, 1st German chancelor)