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On this website you mainly find information about our dogs, the Bouviers desFlandres.

Along the description as herding (“driving”) dog the Bouvier des Flandres was originally used and bred as “cattle dog”, carting dog for the  transport of farm products to the market, watch dog for farm and house, but just as well to pull boats along the canals.
These days we mostly find him as family companion, whereas in the country he still does his job on farms as well. His physical strength and character features allow him to be all that his wide field of application demands.
Moreover he is smart and courageous, his ardent look reveals intelligence, energy and boldness. We would like to point out his balanced character: quiet, faithful, constant and attentive. The latter we need in water rescue which we practice here with the bouvier.His steady attention in combination with a neverending will to work/help isn’t only a basic requirement of such operations, but within the  primal drive of that race.
The versatile but individual character of the Bouvier des Flandres- which needs an experienced education- grants a tender child loving family dog that can’t be outdone because of his balanced reliability as house companion or in the specific sports and working fields- as long as you treat and educate him the way he deserves.

Lots of fun to all our reading guests while surfing!

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