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AMINA Bryana von der AngerAue

MARCH 2015
March 7th 2015 we successfully passed our yearly MANTRAILER validation test (across wood and rural area this time) with mark "EXCELLENT" and note "easily passed with absolute certainty!" near Lübeck -as 1st team at 8.00am!
GREAT job again, AMY!!!

Am Nachmittag des 24. Januar wurde zum Training eine alte Spur gelegt, im Laufe der folgenden Nacht hat es dann geschneit. Bis Mittag am 25.1.2015 -also 20 Std. später- waren gute 20cm Schnee gefallen. Der Start war problemlos, die Strecke wurde eindeutig abgelaufen, ich konnte es zwar kaum glauben, aber AMY hat bei 0° und dichter Schneedecke einfach überzeugt.



AMY einen herzlichen Glückwunsch zur erlangten Einsatzfähgigkeit als BRH-PERSONENSUCHHUND!!!

Am 25. Oktober legten wir in der Nähe von Halle Westf. die letzte MT-Prüfung (MT-Negativ) ab. Somit sind wir ein fertig ausgebildetes und einsatzfähiges Mantrailer-Team!

...AMY einen herzlichen Glückwunsch zur bestandenen MT-Prüfung-NEGATIV!



Am 17. August haben wir die MT-Stadt-Prüfung in Rheda-Wiedenbrück bestanden und haben jetzt nur noch eine Prüfung vor der Brust.

...AMY einen herzlichen Glückwunsch zur bestandenen MT-Prüfung-STADT!


MAY 2014
   A first milestone is set...

On May 18th 2014  - utilizing the experiences from our city exam in November  13 - we passed  our first country/forest exam MTL on this special day, the most beautiful and hottest day in May so far! An adequate reward weren’t just some special treats, but  a refreshing swim in the river Enz!

   ...congrats AMY for passing this MTL!


MAY 2014
10th May, shortly before our 1st country exam we practised a run in Cologne „Königsforst“.  This was necessary, because „green“ trails (fields/forest/meadows) don’t take place that often . So this 11h old track of 500 m – run successfully- meant a safe foundation for our exam!

At the turn of the year and during its first months certain circumstances had to be overcome, causing some  temporary slack, but not keeping us  from looking forward to the 1st BRH country trial in May!

December 14th we ran a 7days old track as if Amy was walking on rails: Saturday, December 7th, a trail was done for Amy in the very city centre of Essen – across the Christmas Market! The track started outside the market area at a main street crossing with a subway as  the first big decisional focal point, following a small stairway up to another street level. Then the main part oft he track ran across the big Christmas Market and ended outside this crowded area in a building (staircase inside an electronics shop).
No matter what distracting smells  there were, whatever sweepers had removed the previous days, or however hard the huge crowd tried to disturb Amy’s  trailing continuity – Amy made her way – inclusive a given blind end- and managed this track of ca 500 m in just a quarter of an hour! None of us had expected such perfection and perceived ease she handled this task. This doesn’t only give a certain feeling of certainty, but also shows the steady continuity Amy is developping at the moment- just perfect!

In addition to the monthly BRH funding training  we initiated another monthly mantrailer meeting for the Ruhr region on November 30th, organized via BRH forum at the beginning.  Already after 3 times there was such a large interest, from outside the BRH as well, that we now communicate  via media that address to all interested mantrailers. Since then we’re practising in and around Cologne/Düsseldorf – another monthly institution for mainly advanced trailers, even from other rescue organisations.
Consequently we have sufficient training units : 2 additional monthly besides our steady Monday/Wednesday/Friday practice! Our aim of 3/4 regular working units is thus realized. An important premise for sure - to build / keep an operational team.

End of November we had our 1st city test in Fürth. Although Amy held her ground, „master“ at the end of the leash had to admit, he should have followed the dog instead of using his own head! Actually this is no new  insight, but inspite of a massive intent NOT to use the brains, this was it for that day! So – let’s do it again, this time with intent plus realization, and it will work out all right! 

In early November we mastered a 4 days old track with 5 decision points without difficulty, so we concentrated on shorter old trails during this month to keep the „nose“ in challenge and motivation high.

In early October we took part in a further 4 days BRH mantrailer seminar in Hünxe to experience our actual training level. 1st days’ starting trails are well mastered, and even the older tracks on the following days (18-24 hours old) Amy worked out successfully and independently. Even the 17 h old trail on the last day –started  with the proviso for the backup  not to give any comment – even in case of longer failing tracking- was no problem for Amy.
Funny observation along that run proving the herding qualities of this race: When one person of the following group left to follow a private need, Amy noticed at once although she had been permanently working forward without obviously noticing the following people. She abruptly stopped her trail, went back for 20m to get back „the lost sheep“ out oft he bushes – and continued straightforwardly to finish her actual job successfully!

Late September we do another test run in Rheinberg, with a completely unknown person in a strange environment, the track being 20 h old however. Difficulties at the start and at changes from „green“ (forest) to „grey“ (city). Finally the person was found, but the old track caused some trouble!

Continuous structured training on Wednesday evenings in Cologne. So we train 3 times a week with 2 tracks respectively.

Having overcome her illness and feeling fit again Amy passed an exam simulation in the rescue squad: nearly 2 km, track being 2h old, totally unknown person, only 2nd backup knowing the tour. Start in green area, along a road/canal/offroad, then across a pedestrian way on a very busy bridge. Further course across unknown city district with 3 big decision crossroads, some smaller direction changes, then finally leaving city area/ offroad following a path along fields. We managed this trail – completely without any backup interaction/hints in only 45 min.

Long time in mere „sparing run“. An intensive seminar during that time proves that there’s a natural lack of condition at the moment, but a high level of capacity- obviously due to the profound basic work in the beginning of her mantrailing career!

MID 2013
Amy’s training progress is suddenly turned down as she develops the same clinical picture like her mother Bryana the year before (caused by ticks).

MARCH 2013
At temperatures of -6° Celsius and severe winds Amy successfully passes her 1st MT test – the MTB- in March 2013. So she laid the ground work for her mission ability.

A 1st small test run starts somehow haltingly at sudden weather changes with deep snow! The start in the woods had to be redone and during the trail there was a crossing that Amy had to repeat before really „being on track“. After an hour of freezing and shivering the „victim“ was released, thx a lot, Hannes.

Due to severe illness we abruptly have to take Bryana out of work and start with Amy instead. We learn fast that Amy – according to the profound basic work in our private group- is more than just „replacement“ and the early intensive nosework training is paying back now. The rescue squad realizes that decisions have to be made and so Amy is registered for the MTB test (prerequisite for any mission use).

APRIL 2012
Training stop at BRH for some months. Till the end of August we couldn’t take part in any training unit, and after that only sporadicly.

Organizing a mantrailing section with regular training units twice a week, reaching a steady membership of 4-6 teams to develop a constructive/productive training course.

Besides common BRH seminars we also regularly take part in events of other MT organizations.

MARCH 2011
Start with Bryana as a member of BRH Wesel. Amina continues training in our private group on beginner level to keep her nose fit. Lots of  BRH weekend seminars/clinics, even in Albstadt, the south of Germany.

Test trainings with Bryana at BRH squad Wesel.

Contacts to the BRH squad concerning mantrailer training.

1st experience in mantrailing at a clinics of „mantrailing 24“. Until the end of the year 5 more workshops and start of our own small MT group with Anouk-Athos-Jola-Bria-Amy (4 Bouviers des Flandres and 1 Weller).

Amy is born on 24th February!