BRYANA's mission is having its 5th anniversary... PDF Print E-mail

...5 years of Water Patrol


What nobody would have expected some years ago is being continued at the lake Wolfssee in the 5th season:
Water patrol with certificated dog in the lido POSEIDON!

5years 5years 5years 5years 5years

BRYANA as a tested BOUVIER DES FLANDRES dog does herself the honour of doing that kind of work -Team Rescue- for the fifth year now. Almost a common sight for many swimming guests and again always an attraction for children, teenagers and adults.

Together with four other dogs BRIA has passed this exam at that time for the 1st time with an international water work judge, meanwhile she's the only one still practising this operation service successfully. This diploma for the dog -plus qualification as a DLRG lifesaver for the handler- are requirements for such a collaboration with the lido at the 6-lakes-district in Duisburg. 

5years 5years 5years 5years 5years

Quite a few hours BRIA spends at the swimming beach - to the delight of the children especially, of all swimming guests and of course, herself! This summer several events are planned at the lido, and part of it is as well AMY, a young BOUVIER DES FLANDRES, together with BRIA she starts the season and this jubilee.

5years 5years 5years 5years 5years

Amy is best placed to ingratiade into all the childrens' hearts, she already proved that in her debut performance. - just like her mom BRYANA is doing for years now.