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The results of my previous competitions in work and show events prove that drive, intelligence and beauty aren’t mutually exclusive (…and imagine: I’ve even got blonde highlights!)
SHOWS (International/ National/ Club Championship) : YOUTH CLASS


Rheinberg  February 13th  2011  V2
Oldenburg April 9th    2011 V1
Oldenburg April 10th 2011 V1
Dortmund May 6th 2011 SG2
Dortmund May 8th 2011 V2
Duisburg May22nd 2011 V1

Our dogs practice e.g. waterwork up to usuable team rescue (Bryana is certified and in regular operation), carting, herding and last not least mantrailing as active nosework- in a BRH dog rescue squad. All these sports/activities are typical bouvier related facilities according to FCI explanation.
Nowadays working lines and show lines are usually separated which certainly means an increasing lack in their gene pool. In our opinion it’s the race typical overall picture that counts and that requires certain looks of a so-called working dog relating to its original racial roots (likewise drive, character, intelligence shouldn’t fade in show bloodlines!)
Both ambitions combined can/should represent the “normal standard”. AMY can prove that: With her 14 months she hasn’t only participated in different working events, but already gained the title
DBC Youth Club Champion 2011” and “German Youth Champion VDH”.

To lay the foundation for a breeding admission Amy needs further shows in “Intermediate/ Open” class with the predicates “excellent”(V) or “very good” (S.G.) which apparently is no problem for her. So we combined “showbiz” and valuable by topping off the weekends -whenever possible- meeting “Dad Iceman” (Ilay Greta Vom Hungrigen Wolf).That’s why we preferred travelling to northern regions!
"As you all know he’s a cute wild playboy and enjoys visiting “Girls’ shows”. If Iceman wasn’t my dad he sure would have fallen in love with me…and the other way around"

Bremen July 30th 2011 V1
Bremen July 31st 2011 V1
Lüneburg August 28th 2011 V1
Hannover  October22nd 2011 V2
Kassel December 10th 2011 SG1
Kassel December 11th 2011 V1

 By the way: "Mother Bria thinks that 1 year of show business is enough, or this will get to my pretty head! Besides the canine rescue squad needs qualified young talents, so let’s get to WORK!"

Although Amy already regards the nosework –mantrailing- as her profession, she doesn’t turn “sniffy”, but a rather natural young lady, feminin and cool at the same time. Not to forget the little “Tasmanian Devil” inside, but all this contributes to a certain tension in the air…
On the whole Amy demonstrates: natural beauty and genetic drive mustn’t be regarded as alternatives; but only in harmony they represent the Bouvier des Flandres as he was bred long ago: as a help for herding cattle, sometimes replacing a poor farmer’s horse as carting dog or pulling boats along the canals, not to forget the familiar house and watchdog with his firm, strong-minded character. Due to his deep understanding and love of children the Bouvier has become an appreciated family dog